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Bar was able to provide the brazier, tripod, cedar chips and a cloth so he looks for his aunt in the main.

He wishes that he had more clothing with him as he's as neat as possible but he wasn't dressed formally when he came in.
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"Its good to see you married," A voice said and Ivan looked around to see where it came from. The room was bigger than he expected and remembered he was in Milliways.

Somehow the light was on and he frowned before he realized the man was wearing a familiar uniform and had his nose, "Father?"

"Yes, I can visit you tonight. Is your mother here?" His father, Padma Vorpatril was actually here and talking to him.

Ivan sat up and heard the wistfulness he'd known in Mamere's voice all his life, "No, she doesn't come to Milliways, but she's doing well."

"She always was better at knowing how to adapt than I was. She used to tease me about how I'd get run over by the future if I didn't pay attention. But I liked when I knew what to expect," His father sat down on a chair with a sad sigh, "She was right, but then she's always been right."

"I know, that hasn't changed."

"Did she ever realize you were rebelling by doing the least you could?" As he talked, his father smiled.

"I wasn't rebelling. I just didn't want to be Gregor," He'd never wanted power because he knew it only brought death and sadness.

His father laughed, Ivan realized that it sounded like his laugh and smiled, "You're not, you're Ivan, all grown up and married. I'm sorry I wasn't there."

"That would have been nice," He heard the tired bitterness in his voice, but he'd never had a father to miss only his mother's and everyone else's memories.

"I was at every birthday. I could be there, you grew up so fast," Its strange to think of his father's ghost waiting as they lit the brazier over the brass plaque, "Its good that you found someone. I didn't want you to be alone or your mother. She's meant for people."

"She knows how to find them," His mother can read a crowd better than anyone and knows how to find who she needs.

"So do you," The kindness and pride in his father's voice was unexpected and Ivan glanced down to the floor to hide the tears in his eyes.

"Not like she does."

"There's no one like Alys. Tell her, no, don't tell her, keep doing as you have, Ivan," He thought he felt a feathery kiss on his forehead as his father disappeared. Ivan sat on his bed and cried for the father he never knew.
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Ivan stared at his console before hearing his aide saying, "Sir? Your wife's here?"

"She is? How does she know?" She couldn't have known that Uncle Aral was dead.

"Um, sir, because you made reservations for dinner at the new restaurant."

"Yes, send her in," Ivan said and managed to give the aide a nod. Tej came in wearing a dress that shifted in color and when she saw his face, came over to sit on his lap, "Ivan Xav, what's wrong?"

"Uncle Aral's dead. I need to get leave to get home. Hell, Miles," He leaned on her and she ran her hands through his hair.

"You will, you will. He's not alone."

"I know but we didn't want him to be like us. I thought Aunt Cordelia would find a way to make him live forever."

"We, Ivan Xav, you're not making sense."

"Gregor, me, we never had fathers, not really, but he was always there, always. I saw Miles when he lost ImpSec."

"He has Ekaterin and all their children, he's not alone."

"I know, but I have to get home."

She held him tight and he breathed in her smell, the safety of her. He would get home and be there for Miles. Mamere would take care of Aunt Cordelia, but Miles, Miles couldn't get started on that downward spiral.
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Ivan is sitting in a hall of the palace and trying to make sense of his new orders, Ylla to serve with the consulate.

A temporary exile is reasonable but not to a planet he's never heard of before. At least Tej will be with him though she'll hate all of the jumps.
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Mamere, I got married. I married someone to keep her from being deported.

He erased the words and put his head down, this was a mess. In a few minutes, Desplains would come out of his office and they'd be off for another meeting, he had to write something for his mother to tell her. Or maybe he couldn't, they would be heading back to Barrayar tomorrow or he could send something not on tightbeam, let it go slowly. Then he would have told her but not made a big deal out of it. Yes, Tej was beautiful and sweet, but this was a solution, he wasn't going to think too much about actually being married.

This was a marriage of convenience to keep Tej and Rish safe until they could get to Escobar and it worked. He just had to get through the voyage home, get his uncle Falco to divorce them and everything would be sorted. Byerly would have completed his mission, he would have helped Tej, made her feel safe enough that he might get another smile and it would be simple. He heard Desplains' door opening and dashed off a short and simple message for his mother before getting back to work.


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